5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Domain Name

When building a new website there are many important factors that require consideration. The importance of the first step – selecting a domain name or URL (uniform resource locator), is often overlooked, with site builders simply picking the most relevant option available via a registration site. However, selecting the right domain name is a crucial marketing decision that could make or break the success of your website. Below we have outlined five tips for selecting the perfect domain name for your new website.

1. Ensure your domain is easy to communicate: If a potential or existing client calls through to enquire about your offerings and you need to direct them to your website, it is going to make life much easier if you can easily communicate your domain name. Consider whether you will be able to relay your domain name over the phone without having to sound out an awkward combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

2. Easy to remember: For obvious reasons, it is important that site users are able to easily remember your domain name. It should therefore either be short and sweet, or meaningful. The domain name asos.com is short and easy to remember, while shopwhatsnew.co.nz is not as short but is reflective of the site’s offerings and therefore easier for the average consumer to remember than a bunch of meaningless letters strung together. Find a balance that is right for your brand.

3. Leverage any existing brand equity: If your business is not new to the market and you have established some brand awareness amongst consumers, it could be worth including your unique brand name in the domain. The same goes if you intend to run some other advertising around your brand such as a radio message.

4. Register Intuitive Domain Names: Given the above, if you do not yet have a strong established brand name it is strongly advisable to register names that will make guessing what type of products or services will be offered via that website obvious.

5. Register a domain name as soon as possible: There are well over 200million registered domain names at present, so if you have your heart set on a specific domain name it is worth registering it before someone else snatches it up.

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