Sharing Content: When, Where & Who With?

As highlighted in our previous blog entry, content is king when it comes to SEO, creating exceptional and unique content that others are more likely to engage with and share is an effective strategy. But to really maximise this opportunity, identifying when, where and who to communicate this great content to is equally important to focus on.

When to post

According to social sharing service Addthis, people are most likely to share something at 9.30 am, and if you really want to make it specific, Wednesdays are the peak days for sharing.

With posting to social networking sites such as Facebook, it is important to optimise post times to ensure your content is not lost in the continuous stream of retro filtered cat photos.

Just recently URL shortening tool Bitly gave us a unique insight into how the main social networks can differ. For both Facebook and Twitter, posting in the afternoon earlier in the week is your best chance at achieving a high click count and the most sharing opportunities. Where as if using Tumblr, you should wait until at least 4pm to post.

To work towards publishing your content at exactly the right time for it to reach the maximum number of people, you should also utilise various monitoring tools such as Facebook Insights.

Where to post

The first place you should look to share through after creating that mouth watering content would be your already established social networks. Firstly these are free to use and are designed to encourage sharing of such content. Start with the most prominent and established networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. If you like to produce visual content, ensure this is branded with company logos and jump on board the Pinterest and Instagram bandwagon as well.

Infographics are a great type of content which generate high levels of engagement and sharing opportunities, take advantage of sharing these through the network, the largest data visualisation showcase in the world.

If you have an established email newsletter database, include an enticing tease of the content and links back to they can find it. According to a study by AOL and Neilson, 66% percent of people still use email as their primary method for sharing content.

Who to communicate with

In an effort to increase the amount of links back to your site and overall site traffic, you need to communicate your content out to as much people as possible.

Be careful not to spam your audience however if your content is not relevant or doesn’t add value as this could ultimately damage your brands perception in the market. Social networks such as Google+ will even let you group certain audiences who you want to communicate with, to make sure you target the right people with the right content.

Try reach out to influential voices within your industry, these people are the gatekeepers to typically large audiences and a share from them may spread your content like wildfire.

Also don’t just concentrate on your online connections, make a conscientious note to promote and share your content when interacting with clients in meetings or over the phone, provide them with a URL or instructions on how to find the content that you think they will find interesting.

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