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If you are a business operating in a competitive environment, maximising your online visibility and presence should be high on your priority list. Utilising Google places for business will help people looking for your products or services locally to find your exact location, while leveraging Google’s map and search properties allows you to extend your visibility to its millions of searchers.

Not only does Google Places for businesses allow you to pinpoint your exact address on Google Maps, it also allows you to include descriptions of your business, upload photos, include your contact information and trading hours and also provides your customers with the ability to write reviews.

One of the best features of Google Places for business is that the service is free and easy to manage. When creating a ‘place page’, just like SEO for websites, optimisation is ever important to ensure top positioning amongst competitors.

Below are a few easy tips to help you on your way:

Use important keywords within your description

With only 200 characters available, it can be tough to write a description which properly reflects your business. The important aspect here is to try including keywords commonly used by searchers to find your business, although don’t over spam this!

Set your categories wisely

You have the option of setting 5 categories where your ‘places page’ will be included so make sure you use all of them. Ensure that these categories accurately reflect your business offering as this will help Google show your business for the right searches.

Fill out as much as possible

To increase interactivity with your page, make sure you fill out all you can. Most importantly include your website URL to instantly gain more exposure to your website. Add your hours of operation and payment options, add your correct contact information and finally add photos and videos (with keyword friendly tags) to extend your brand’s personality and help you stand out from other typical ‘place pages’.

Encourage customers to leave reviews

To ensure Google see’s that your ‘places page’ is an authoritative source of reference, encourage your customers to leave a review of your product or company service. These can also serve as a recommendations to new searchers which may positively affect their decision making process.

Optimising your Google places page and having all this information available for searchers to see is invaluable and can pay big dividends to your business. However this is only one aspect in increasing your online visibility, get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency to discover other options available to you.

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