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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Questions

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SEO Questions

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of improving your company’s website’s overall appearance and visibility in keyword-based search outcomes in search engines, for instance Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. The prime goal of SEO programmes is to improve a website’s ranking in a search engine’s natural or organic listing for a certain search term or keyword phrases. A website’s ranking refers to its position on a list of organic search results when a user searches a term or phrase in a search engine. It is imperative that your company optimises their website as users will rarely search further than the first couple of pages of search engine results.

My website is already ranked in the top of Google searches for a number of keyword searches, is SEO still important for me?

Your top search engine rankings will inevitably not stay at the top, thus it is essential that when and if your website accomplishes rankings on the first page of a search engine, that you sustain these top ranking positions through continuing SEO practices, and aim to achieve even superior positions in the organic lists. Reload Media’s team of SEO Consultants will be able to continuously monitor, examine and conduct reports on the positions of your vital keywords and take action quickly if alterations do occur.

Why is ongoing SEO important?

Ongoing SEO practices are important to ensure you keep on top of changes as search engines, such as Google, are continuously changing their algorithms (formulas search engines use to rank web pages), and consequently these changes may cause your website to slip in rankings. The team of SEO consulting experts at Reload Media are regularly monitoring and evaluating the environment in which your website operates in, and will be able to respond and act in an appropriate approach to any changes that may arise. You must also keep in mind that your direct competitors may also be employing continual SEO efforts to optimise their webpage, thus, this can have an impact on your rankings. Reload Media have a range of SEO programs that are established on 12 month contracts to maximise and guarantee constant optimisation for the maximum performance of your website.

What sort of timeframe should we expect before we start to see results?

Within the first month companies should begin to see improvements in their overall rankings. Conversely, it may take a few months before you begin to record and see highest rankings on the first pages of a search engine’s natural listings. Moreover, how quickly you see results and the position of your website listing at the beginning can depend on the competitive nature of your keywords.

Account Management

Will you need access to our website?

To be able to maximise your website’s optimisation, yes, we will need access to your website.

What kind of access will you need?

To permit entrance to the back end of your website, we will require FTP details. Moreover, if you use a Content Management System to run your website off, we will also need access to this. Nevertheless, Reload Media is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured Company, so you can rest assured that your details will remain protected and private with us.

Where can I get FTP details and CMS details from?

You should be able to obtain your FTP details from your web designer. However, if this is not the case, when you were developing your website hosting, you should have been given your FTP details then.

Will you be making changes to my website?

To achieve the best possible optimisation results, yes, we will need to make alterations to ensure that your keywords are encompassed in the content found on your website. Additionally, we may also need to add and change some headings, add in footer links, and edit meta tags. For some websites we may also need to alter or extend the CMS or code used to broadcast your website.

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